About 2 Minute Affirmations

Site Author: Alisha Chinai

Expertise: Spiritual Teacher (Spiritual Warrior by Hart)

My spiritual journey began in 2003, little did I know what was happening, my higher self would plant events in my life that would slowly wake me up to spiritualty. Back in 2003 events would happen in my life that would waken me up to the spiritual world and little did I know that this was the beginning of my ascension Journey. Back in 2003 events in my life would make me feel all sorts of emotions that I did not want to feel, I felt hopeless, my life was a mess, looking back, my higher self had planned that in this lifetime my body would help clear the collective consciousness by transmuting unwanted collective consciousness emotions into light, however, this was not a good time for me and the emotions were horrible.

Fast forward to 2006, I discovered the law of attraction, and it just made sense, I though my life was going to change now I knew I was the creator of my reality. However, this was not the case, due to me predetermining before I incarnated on this plant that I would help it ascend into the fifth dimension, all the things I wanted are not on my life path, my mission in this life is to help planet earth ascend, not to have fun manifesting yet. My body is clearing the deepest and darkest parts of the third dimension by experiencing unwanted thoughts and emotions that are not mine, I had to learn the hard way that they are not mine and I do not need to get attached to them, just let them run their course. At this point I still do not know about my mission and ascension and struggling to understand why I cannot better my life with all that I have learnt about law of attraction.

Fast forward to 2012 and onwards, I begin to learn about ascension, I start to learn about why I am here at this time, what my life mission is and more about spirituality. Due to ascension and the heavy density of clearing the third dimension muck, my body can no longer function as it use to, gets tired quicky, energy updates make me feel like I have been run over by 10 busses in a row. At this point I have not friends no life, nothing. I only existed to clear the way for fifth dimensional energies to enter the earth, life sucked.

Fast forward to today, still going through the ascension process, it still sucks, but I have learnt sooo much since 2003, and have a lot to offer on the subject of spiritualty.

I understand the importance of manifesting in life, being in control of what enters your life, many people have the freedom to manifest what they want in this lifetime, some have incarnated with a few minor life lessons, they have come here to play.

Affirmations are a very valuable tool on the path to manifesting, and I enjoy putting together affirmations. I felt like I would built a little site to help people with affirmations, affirmations that help you talk the right way about your desired manifestations. My site is dedicated to providing short but powerful affirmations to help change your thoughts and emotions to positive thoughts and emotions to begin manifesting that which you desire.

To get a better understanding on making your affirmations work, see this video: How to Make Affirmations Work

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