Affirmations For Attracting Love

Attract The Love of Your Life With These Love Affirmations

Affirmations are powerful tools that can tune your mindset like a radio, attracting and amplifying the positive vibrations that you send out into the universe. If you’re on a quest to invite more love into your life, whether that be self-love or nurturing healthy relationships, affirmations can guide your thoughts and energy towards that goal.

This extensive list of 100 affirmations is a resource for you to do just that. Read on to discover a multitude of phrases that resonate with the intention to bring love into every facet of your being and experiences.

100 Affirmations For Attracting Love Into Your Life

Self-Love Affirmations

Self-love is the foundation of any strong, meaningful relationship. By acknowledging your worth, you become a magnet for the kind of love you deserve. Here are affirmations to affirm and grow your self-esteem:

  1. I am deserving of love and respect.
  2. My heart is open to receive all the love that I am worthy of.
  3. I am enough just as I am – and I am worthy of a beautiful love story.
  4. I approve of myself and love myself deeply and completely.
  5. I am lovable. No one else’s love can fulfill me or complete me; I am filled full to the brim with love.
  6. My life is a blast of growing opportunity because I never stop creating.
  7. I now release the goldmine within me. I am linked with an endless golden stream of prosperity, which comes to me under grace in perfect ways.
  8. I live in the paradise of the infinite, and I am blessed with divine love, divine peace, and eternal joy.
  9. I am a unique, divine creation, on a divine mission to experience life fully.
  10. My heart is a compassionate place. I return to this place every day and guide my life from here.

Affirmations for Attracting a Romantic Partner

If you are single and looking for love, you can use these affirmations to focus your thoughts on attracting a fulfilling romantic relationship:

  1. I am ready to share my life with someone who truly understands and loves me.
  2. Love is drawn to me, and I am open to a relationship that is based on trust and mutual respect.
  3. I believe in the possibility of love and am ready to create an amazing, happy relationship.
  4. My soulmate is on their way to me right now. I am attracting the perfect person for me.
  5. My perfect partner is coming into my life sooner than I expect.
  6. My heart is open to love, and I can feel the connections coming my way.
  7. I radiate a natural, positive aura that attracts potential partners towards me.
  8. I am grateful that my love story is already written in the stars.
  9. I am ready to fall in love with someone who respects and values me as much as I do them.
  10. I am a magnet for meaningful and loving relationships.

Affirmations to Strengthen Existing Relationships

If you’re already in a relationship, it’s important to nurture and grow the love you have. Use the following affirmations to foster connection and strengthen the bond with your partner:

  1. I am committed to working on my relationship and keeping love alive.
  2. I attract love by being loving and by giving love to those around me.
  3. My relationship is constantly becoming stronger, deeper, and more stable.
  4. My partner and I are different, yet we are very compatible.
  5. Our relationship is a source of joy and comfort for both my partner and me.
  6. I am with a person who is perfect for me in so many ways.
  7. I trust my partner, and my partner trusts me. This trust is the foundation of our relationship.
  8. I nurture the relationship with my partner through clear and honest communication.
  9. I am grateful for the love that surrounds me and my partner every single day.
  10. Every day, in every way, our love grows and blossoms.

Affirmations to Heal From Past Relationships

Healing from past heartache is crucial to being fully open to new and healthy love. Here are affirmations to help you achieve closure and move forward with a positive outlook:

  1. I release the past and am open to the love that the universe has to offer me.
  2. I am grateful for the lessons that past relationships have taught me.
  3. I forgive myself and others for any pain we may have caused in the past. I am now free to love and be loved.
  4. My heart is healing, and I am ready to open up to new, healthy love.
  5. The love that once was, is now making space for a healthier, more fulfilling love.
  6. I am better prepared for love thanks to the insights of my previous relationships.
  7. I release any fears or resistance to love. I now open my heart to love, fully.
  8. I deserve a love as beautiful as the ones in my dreams, and I will settle for nothing less.
  9. I am a magnet for healthy, happy relationships.
  10. I only attract into my life those who are in alignment with their highest good and my highest good.

Affirmations to Manifest Love and Positivity

The universe responds to continued positive energy. These affirmations can help you manifest the love you desire and attract positive vibrations into your life:

  1. I radiate love and happiness, and it comes back to me in abundance.
  2. My heart is a powerful generator of love and joy that magnetically attracts loving, happy people and experiences into my life.
  3. I am grateful for the love that fills my life.
  4. I believe in the power of love to heal and make all things right.
  5. I am surrounded by love. All is well.
  6. I love myself and I manifest the love that I deserve and desire.
  7. The love that I give and receive is a gift to our souls.
  8. I create love. I deserve love, and I get it in abundance.
  9. I release any desperation or neediness and open myself up to attract genuine love.
  10. I am worthy of great love and I deserve to receive it.

Affirmations for Love in Every Day Life

Love isn’t just about romantic relationships; it’s a key part of daily life. Use the following affirmations to keep love at the forefront of your everyday experiences:

  1. I am love. I am a loving being, and I attract love wherever I go.
  2. I find love in every corner of my life and in every encounter I have.
  3. I treat others with the love and respect that I deserve in return.
  4. Love is my compass, and I follow it in every aspect of my life.
  5. I nurture the friendships and relationships that bring love and positivity into my life.
  6. My love is a gift, and I am unafraid to share it with the world.
  7. I attract love today by giving it away freely.
  8. I see the world through eyes of love and acceptance.
  9. My positive interactions today sow the seeds for love to grow in my life.
  10. Love is the most powerful force, and it leads me to my highest good in every situation.

Affirmations to Cultivate a Universal Love

When you connect to a higher form of love, it can open new perspectives and attract similarly aligned energies. Use these affirmations to tap into a universal love:

  1. I am a channel for universal love, and it flows through me in every moment.
  2. My heart is open to the unconditional love of the universe, and I am embraced by it daily.
  3. I string together moments of love, and they form a beautiful string of experiences in my life.
  4. Love is the only truth, and it paves the way to my higher self.
  5. I am a carrier of love wherever I go.
  6. Love is the language I speak, and I speak it fluently.
  7. Love is always the answer, and it guides my words and actions.
  8. I am love, and love is all that I can see and experience.
  9. I live in the now, which includes the peace and happiness of love and contentment.
  10. I live a life full of love, and I am grateful for all the amazing people and experiences it brings.

Affirmations for Emotional Wellbeing in Love

A healthy emotional state is crucial for enjoying and reciprocating love. Use these affirmations to maintain a strong emotional wellbeing:

  1. I honor my emotions and give them the release and attention they need.
  2. I understand emotional balance, and I am at peace within my heart.
  3. Love brings out the best in me, and I am grateful for the positivity it creates in my life.
  4. My emotions are a reflection of love, and I cherish each and every feeling.
  5. I am safe when I share my emotions, and I am open to the love they bring into my life.
  6. I listen to my emotions, and I understand that they guide me towards love and light.
  7. I value the emotional connections in my life, as they are a sure path to happiness and contentment.
  8. Love is my emotional clarity, and it helps me see the world in a positive light.
  9. My emotions are like waves of love, steadily making me a better and more loving person.
  10. I allow myself to feel deeply, for love is at the core of my being.

Affirmations for Self-Discovery Through Love

Experiences of love can be a gateway to self-discovery. Use these affirmations to explore love’s power in revealing your true self:

  1. Through love, I discover more about my authentic self and the person I am meant to be.
  2. Love is a beacon that illuminates my path to self-discovery.
  3. I am grateful for the lessons love teaches me about myself and the world around me.
  4. Love opens doors to new experiences that enhance my understanding of life.
  5. When I love, I learn, grow, and discover parts of myself that were hidden before.
  6. Love encourages me to push my boundaries and explore the depths of my soul.
  7. I am curious about the ways in which love can expand, enrich, and enlighten my life.
  8. With love as my guide, I take active steps towards a self that’s more aligned with the universe’s loving energies.
  9. Love is the key that unlocks the mysteries of my soul.
  10. I welcome love as a partner in self-discovery and transformation.

Affirmations to Express and Share Love

Expressing and sharing love is as important as feeling it. An active love ensures that its positive energy continues to radiate. Use these affirmations to become a more generous lover:

  1. I share my love generously, and it multiplies in the hearts of those who receive it.
  2. Love is not an emotion to be contained but a gift meant to be shared.
  3. The love I share makes a significant and positive impact on the world around me.
  4. My actions and words reflect the love that flows abundantly from my heart.
  5. Love is the most beautiful when expressed, and I find creative ways to show it every day.
  6. By sharing my love, I am creating a ripple effect of positivity in the world.
  7. My love finds its way into the hearts of others, and it brings them peace and joy.
  8. Each day, I find new and meaningful ways to express my love for those who matter to me.
  9. I am a conduit for the universe’s love, sharing it with every person I encounter.
  10. Love is the legacy I leave behind with every person whose life I touch, and I am proud to do so.

Final Thoughts on Affirming Love

The practice of affirmations can be a profound way to attract and strengthen love in your life. Remember to recite these affirmations with intention, belief, and the knowledge that you are worthy of love in all its forms. Whether you’re seeking self-love, looking for a new relationship, or aiming to deepen existing connections, affirmations can be a guiding light on your path to a life filled with love and joy.


Affirmations to Attract Love FAQ

Do Affirmations Work For Attracting Love?

Affirmations can be a powerful tool for manifesting the love and relationships you desire. By repeating positive statements, such as “I am worthy of love,” or “I attract loving relationships into my life,” you can help to reprogram your subconscious mind so that you think and act in ways that support your goals. This can create a ripple effect in your life and may eventually lead you to attract the relationship of your dreams.

How Can I Attract Love Fast?

Although there is no “quick fix” for attracting love, there are several steps that you can take to increase your chances of success. Firstly, focus on being the best version of yourself and practice self-love. This involves being aware of your strengths and working on improving any weaknesses. Additionally, get out of your comfort zone; be proactive and make a conscious effort to join social activities or meet new people. Lastly, stay positive and open-minded; having a mindset that is willing to accept new opportunities will help attract new relationships into your life.

What Are The Signs Someone is Attracted to You?

One of the most important signs that someone is attracted to you is eye contact. If a person maintains strong, steady eye contact with you for an extended period of time, it is a good sign that they are interested in you. Additionally, another key sign is body language; if a person is pointing their body towards you when talking or standing close to you, these are positive signs of attraction. Finally, another clue may be in the tone of their voice; if the person has a soft voice and speaks with enthusiasm when addressing you, these can indicate that they are interested.

How Do You Write a Powerful Affirmation to Attract Love?

A powerful affirmation to attract love is one that is focused on your worth and abilities. Start by focusing on yourself and recognize your importance in the world. An example of a powerful affirmation to attract love could be: “I am a strong and valuable person who deserves love and happiness. I am open to receiving love and I have faith that it will come into my life at the right time.”

What Words Should You Not Say in Affirmation For Love?

Words that should not be used in affirmations for love are words like “desperate”, “lonely”, or “hopeless”. These words indicate a lack of faith and can create a sense of self-doubt. Instead of saying “I am desperate for love” say something like “I am open to receiving love from those who are willing and able to give it. I trust that the right person will come into my life at the right time.

How Long Should I Say Affirmations to Attract Love

The length of time to say affirmations for love can vary depending on the individual. Some people prefer to keep their affirmations short and sweet, while others prefer longer ones that are more effective. It is important to be consistent when saying your affirmations and to make sure you focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want. Generally speaking, it can take around 21 days to see results from affirmations—but the length of time will depend on your own personal experience as well.

What Happens When You Repeat Affirmations to Attract Love?

Repeating affirmations to attract love can be very powerful and effective. Affirmations help to reprogram your subconscious mind so that it is more open to potential relationships and happy experiences. By repeating positive affirmations, you create new neural pathways in the brain that help to increase self-esteem, reduce anxiety and build up confidence. This allows you to become more attractive and appealing to partners who are looking for a long-term connection. Repeating affirmations can also bring about greater clarity about what kind of partner you would like to attract, as well as what kind of relationship you want.

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